Bayh’s assistant at McGuireWoods referred questions to Bayh’s

canada goose outlet cheap canada goose The Koch brothers, of course, do not make their retainer checks payable directly to Evan Bayh, but by virtue of his partnership at the firm, he’s a direct beneficiary. Bayh’s assistant at McGuireWoods referred questions to Bayh’s campaign. Ben Ray, a spokesman for Bayh’s Senate campaign, said Bayh has never worked directly on the Koch account. “We don’t have any comment,” said Bob Lewis, senior manager for media relations at McGuire Woods. Senate seat for themselves so they can advance their anti middle class agenda,” said Ray, the spokesman for Bayh. “That’s unacceptable, and it’s why Evan believes we need to take action to overturn Citizens United and get this kind of unaccountable spending out of politics.”

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