Bill Hilfiker was taking his first ride with the Grippers this

Stories. How the West was won. A keyboardist and guitarist add a comic element to Ridgway’s weathered caricature. They even printed cycling jerseys in 2007, which nearly all of them donned for this weekend’s ride. The level of familiarity between old friends is obvious, with good natured jabs at each other and a lot of humor. Bill Hilfiker was taking his first ride with the Grippers this year.

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He may not have meant it in a raciest way, but that word has a deeper hurtful meaning for a lot of people. Some of Ronnie’s fans are now saying maybe he shouldn’t be part of the season 2 cast and should be booted by MTV.Ronnie is known for his explosive personality. On the show he knocked out a man who caused a confrontation with some other cast members.

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