But police described them as an “organized group” with the

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canada goose clearance Throughout the day in different parts of the capital, police used pepper spray, batons and other crowd control devices to disperse protesters. Some people vandalized buildings and even set a limousine ablaze as day turned to night and President Donald Trumpmade his way down the inaugural parade route. showed people smashing windows at a Bank of America location. AStarbucks was vandalizedat the intersection of 13th and I Streets NW.It was unclear who was actually doing the damage, and the identities of the vandals weren’t released. But police described them as an “organized group” with the sole purpose of destroying property with “crowbars, hammers and asps” about a mile away from the National Mall.The city was also host to several peaceful demonstrations. Protesters had any number of grievances with their new president, be it his policies, his Cabinet nominations or his encouragement of violenceduring the 2016 campaign.”The man is so vile that regardless of his policies, I couldn’t have voted for him,” said Mary Lou Dicken, 68, who traveled to Washington from Cumberland, Maryland, with her son. “I don’t care what things he was going to offer me. we welcome you but we cannot allow you to destroy our neighborhoods.”Get a job,” an Associated Press reporter heard Rahm say. “Stop crying, snowflakes, Trump won.”Meanwhile, in New York, schoolchildren took to the streets of Brooklyn hours before the ceremony to protest.Los Angeles was preparing for thousands of protesters downtown. The”United Against Hate Inauguration March”had garnered more than 15,000 attendees on Facebook.Throngs of demonstrators gathered at University of California, Berkeley, some of whom had staged a walkout from class at the university and local high schools, they told HuffPost. Later, thousands marched toward Oakland City Hall canada goose clearance.