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He takes off one lug nut, no problem. He starts taking off the second one and hears what sounds like metal cracking but figures it is the tire or something and keeps going. He starts on the third and the socket shatters. Highlifter is a company that clearly knows about axles and kinds of stresses your motorcycle needs. This brings us to being elated upon seeing the brand new DHT axle at Indianapolis Expo. DHT, or dual heat treatment, is a process that this company does not fail to go through before being boxed up and delivered to you.

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Tibet, known to the world as “The Roof of the World” and “The Third Pole of the Earth”, is located at the Northern border of Nepal. With an average altitude of 4000(13000 ft.) meters, Tibet is the biggest and the highest plateau in the world. The unique geographical setting, the magnificent snowcapped peaks, the unique culture traditions and of course, the Tibetan Buddhism, have all attributed to making this mystique plateau as one of most favored tourist destinations on the planet.