For the content: you are presenting your arguments about how

canada goose sale Dear Sedeer, Thank you for your comments, and here my reply: I often read from Scitable, and I enjoy it, however I get quite disappointed to see scientific commentaries written as creative writing” essays, where for example the titles are used as shiny traps to attract birds. For the content: you are presenting your arguments about how limbs generated from fins, and I commented by saying that this is a controversial issue. For example, we all agree that limbs terminate with true finger/toe bones, and fin termine with bony rays which are anatomically and tissue wise very different from the first ones, but that is not my point. Fins are able to regenerate, fingers and toes obviously not. How can you explain the loss of such an advantageous trait? How can you ignore it and jump to the conclusion that limbs are the 2.0 version of fins? Should we talk about “involution” more than evolution and title the article How Limbs Involved from Fins? ps: by the way plants (but you could pick bacteria or insects as well) succeed better than the finger ed organisms on terrestrial environments

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