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BTS reaction to you sobbing over a sports anime

canada goose coats Masterlist Search Meta Blog canada goose outlet online uk ArchiveRSS? Anonymous Jin He would laugh a little, but mostly just wipe your tears. canada goose outlet london uk He would ask what part exactly made you so sad, and why. And maybe he has even seen it canada goose outlet online before so he could possibly sympathize with you over it. He might tease you a little about it later, canada goose outlet boston but canada goose jacket outlet toronto he would be pretty understanding. If you feel enough for a sports anime to cry canada goose factory outlet toronto location about it, then who is he to judge. canada goose coats

canada goose factory sale Suga He is gonna be kind of weirded out by this. He is going to catch you sobbing over some sports anime, and he is going to winder what the heck is wrong with canada goose outlet canada you. He would tell you there is no reason to cry, and that it just anime. If you were still upset, or even got angry at him about it, then canada goose outlet belgium he would just brush you off with a sorry, and leave you be. He isn necessarily going to understand your behavior about canada goose outlet official something like that, but if that is what you choose to cry over, then he is just going to let you be. canada goose factory sale

cheap canada goose uk J Hope He canada goose outlet ontario would get you some tissues. I don know if sports anime is really his thing, or something he would cry canada goose outlet vip over, but he knows how emotional it can be when you canada goose outlet uk fake really put yourself into the role of something, or canada goose outlet kokemuksia relate to something, so he will just silently canada goose outlet new york city comfort you. He would make sure you canada goose outlet in toronto have canada goose victoria parka outlet plenty of tissues (because no anime watcher stops at just one episode) and rub your back. He might sit and watch with canada goose outlet factory you for a https://www.cagooseclearance.com little bit until you are better, and then leave you to continue watching. cheap canada goose uk

uk canada goose Rap Monster He would laugh canada goose womens outlet while you cry. He would ask why you are getting so upset, and if you really care about the characters so much. He would wonder what canada goose outlet in new york about it canada goose uk exactly struck a chord with you, and maybe you should take a break for a minute canada goose outlet to catch your breath. He wouldn really make fun of you too much, but he would bring it up every now and then to poke a little fun. He would pat your back softly, and tell you to be cautious if you are going to watch more, or if you feel like, maybe you could watch an anime he likes too so you can give yourself a short emotional break. uk canada goose

uk canada goose outlet Jimin He would canada goose jacket outlet uk baby you in a teasing way. He would rap his arms around you and and ‘aww like you are a child upset over something trivial. He would pat your back and canada goose jacket outlet ask what made you cry, and do you canada goose outlet paypal need a tissue or for him to hold your hand? You, of course, would lash out at him, try to canada goose outlet nyc hit him or something, and he would laugh some more. Of course, his intention isn to make you feel bad but instead to maybe get your mind off of what is making you so sad. He loves to watch anime sometimes too canada goose outlet miami but he doesn canada goose outlet location want you to get so caught up in it that you cry the whole time. uk canada goose outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap V Let be honest, he is probably the reason why canada goose outlet real you are watching the anime in the first place. He would have talked yo into watching the new anime he found out about, and there is no way you can tell that sweet face no. So now here you are, crying over something you would have never imagined, but he is there beside you, canada goose sale uk crying buy canada goose uk silent tears along with you. You both are holding on to each other, tissues in hand, and totally absorbed in what is going on. But you canada goose outlet in uk prefer things that way. It better to do these kind of things with people you trust and care about then to have some one criticize you for canada goose outlet store toronto it. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap Canada Goose Jungkook He would canada goose jacket outlet sale laugh for canada goose outlet in canada sure, but he would sit down and ask you what you canada goose outlet phone number are even crying over in the first canada goose outlet ottawa place. He would try and see this from your point of view, but who knows if he will really get it. He would switch canada goose outlet uk sale from watching you, to what is going on, and maybe even criticize the anime a little. Of course, he isn doing it to hurt your feelings, but you would still tell canada goose outlet houston him that if he can be nice then he can leave. Is he does leave, then he would be back some minutes later, with something to drank and a snack. Then he would go about teasing you by handing you a pack of tissues that have something sarcastic written on them like anime tissues or something. You would hit him lightly, and he would canada goose outlet uk laugh, before giving you a quick canada goose factory outlet hug goose outlet canada and letting you get back to your anime cheap Canada Goose.