It took him more than eight hours, but he did it

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canada goose store Why Consider Robotic Surgery? There are a number of advantages for choosing da Vinci robotic surgery over traditional surgery. Since the human surgeon remains seated comfortably while controlling the robot’s intricate and precise movements, doctor fatigue and tremors are no longer a concern. The robotic arms and instruments are designed to be smaller and have a fuller range of motion, which enables improved accuracy. As the surgeon guides the robot, he or she can maintain a constant three dimensional visual focus on the surgical site without having to look away at a two dimensional monitor screen. All of these improvements have minimized safety compromises due to human error. The surgeon can remain focused on the task at hand and the decisions to be made while the intricate cutting and reconstruction is left to the robot. For the patient, this minimally invasive surgical option results in less bleeding, less post operative pain and a more rapid recovery. Operations that were once bloody and more involved, such as a radical prostatectomy, can now be performed with less discomfort and worry. A patient who undergoes a robotic hysterectomy can now be discharged from the hospital the day following her operation and dramatically reduce the six to eight week recovery period of a traditional abdominal hysterectomy. canada goose store

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canada goose outlet sale The reason I know you can is because of the amazing people who are competing and finishing marathons right now. There is Fauja Singh who, at 100 years old, completed the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. It took him more than eight hours, but he did it. Then there is Patrick Finney’s accomplishment. In 1998, this Texas software engineer woke up with numbness in his legs. Doctors diagnosed him with multiple sclerosis. In 2004, he couldn’t walk any longer canada goose outlet sale.