It would be great if we could make a wee mini episode of Still

Grief, it seems, can have ‘its time’, but no more. In form of truth commissions, public apologies, days of commemoration, memorials for the dead). In times of grief, the time allowed for grief appears to be even more closely scrutinised and censured for fear that it will have an enervating effect on political life.

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Celine Cheap They’re so tasteless! So tacky! Well, I love ’em. They’re gaudy, garish, gonzo, and great. I am happy that Notre Dame is joining in the fun. Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!And they were delighted when Ford Kiernan and Greg Hempill sent them a video message via the Daily Record inviting them to visit the set when filming begins this summer on the long awaited new series.Jamie Wallace, Cheldon Woodburn and Jordan Cramming are heading for CraiglangJordan Cramond, 12, aka Jack, said: “We’re all totally blown away. It would be great if we could make a wee mini episode of Still Game with them.”WATCH: Still Game stars send video message to Burnside Primary for their school show!With a nod to one of the hit series’ funniest scenes, Jamie Wallace 13, who plays Victor, added: “We could probably do the slosh with them. That would be great if we could.”Cheldon Woodburn, 12, who is hilarious as Isa, said the video message from Ford and Greg was a great surprise.She added: “It’s amazing they gave us framed signed photographs, too. Celine Cheap

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