Olympic trials, here you come! Set up a few diapering stations

However, I think her sister is wrong. The nightmare is not over. How will she cope with trying to pick up the threads of her life?. Love Island’s Olivia Attwood looks glum after revealing boyfriend Chris Hughes is ‘jealous and protective’The reality star is in the middle of a feud with Katie Price over flirty textgate14:32, 4 OCT 2017Updated16:03, 4 OCT 2017Olivia Attwood looks glum in Manchester amid drama with Chris Hughes and Katie Price Rugged up in a grey gillet and jumper and toting a Celine handbag, the star has had her fair share of drama recently which may allude to her tense expression. I had a few drinks and was just being a bit silly and dancing on a table with Amber. Chris thought I was doing it for attention from other men, which was ridiculous.”He snapped at me and it turned into a row, partly because we were both so over tired and partly because Chris is a jealous person.

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