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Toulouse Lautrec is one of the most recognizable painters, due to his short height. Many people assume he suffered from dwarfism, but in reality he struggled with congenital health conditions, worsened by him breaking both his right thigh bone at age 13 and his left a year later. The bones never healed the way they were supposed to, and even as an adult he was only 4 foot 8/ 1.42 m high. Despite being born in an aristocratic family his grotesque appearance made him an outcast and he went on living a bohemian lifestyle in Parisian night clubs, caf and brothels. As a result popular culture often depicts him as some kind of Depraved Dwarf, but in reality he was a troubled artist who only felt accepted in the sleazy, decadent nightlife of the French capital. He drowned his sorrows in alcohol and absinthe, while making some of the most elegant and colorful posters, lithos and paintings ever made.

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