Our great US Military and US Airforce should be the second

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Fake Handbags During the day of oppression and hate during World War 2 when Hitler and the Third Reich Army wanted to enslave half the world, and killed many Jewish people in the process America and it Allies decided that freedom should not be just an American right but should be enjoyed by everyone across the world including the Middle East as well. When our brave men and women wave the Star Spangle banner in the Middle East, they are not trying to convert the young college educated men and women in the Middle East to Americans but to give them a voice to express their thoughts about change and freedom in their countries which was denied by their government leaders. Our great US Military and US Airforce should be the second voice along with Arab leaders, to spread democracy and freedom to it people and let change begin in the Middle East. Being an American who has traveled to Israel and to the different parts of Middle East, and have talked to many young men and women who are college educated while drinking a cup of coffee in local cafes while watching their nations soccer team play soccer on the television. As Americans we know our duty in defending our nations and other countries basic fundamental rights of freedom, and living in peace without the fear of being attacked physical or racial from our government officials or radical groups who threaten all our freedoms Fake Handbags.