So with that in mind, a few notes of things that came to mind

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Canada Goose Outlet Pool Party is very absolute favorite line of skins. The first skin I ever bought was the Zigg Pool Party skin. They so fun, i Canada Goose online own all of them. So with that in mind, a few notes of things that came to mind when I saw the concept art:Her outfit is pretty canada goose good but i think some of it is unnecessary, like the life vest looking thing. Canada Goose Parka It Kind of gets in the way and makes her look bulkier than she should be. i like what you tried to do with the water to make it look like her long sleeves. Canada Goose Jackets However they look just a bit like blue feathers. Def keep the wet suit becauseThe recall is great. I a huge fan of it. Don change anything.The canada goose factory sale passive Canada Goose Outlet is 1000% what i would want it to look like. cheap Canada Goose The only thing I could even uk canada goose outlet think to say is make the water trail a bit longer, Canada Goose Online more comparable canada goose uk shop to her default skin cheap canada goose uk which is about 2 to 2.5 times the length of her board.AA animation is pretty solid. Throwing water, nothing to see here.The buy canada goose jacket volley move is really fun. I think it would be a good idea to canada goose uk black friday tweak the shot counter floating around her. I canada goose clearance was thinking make them all the canadian goose jacket same canada goose coats on sale thing and rotate to a different item every time she does it like El buy canada goose jacket cheap Macho Mundo cleaver. That canada goose uk outlet and I not huge uk canada goose on the seal. Fish is okay, ball is good and so is the drink. Canada Goose Coats On Sale Maybe canada goose outlet if the seal had handles on it like one of those pool toysLiterally don change a thing for her W. The sand castle is perfect.I love the clams. Genius. Technically its more beach than pool our web page but it works so well I not gonna really nit pick.Her ult looks sweet too. I like that you put different examples of how the wall could look with coral, volleyball net, wildlife and sand castles. It freakin adorable. I not sure what I like more, the jetski or the surfing animation while she rides it. I main taliyah and the only skin I want to see since her release is canada goose store a surfer/poolparty taliyah skin. This one looks cool. There are so many canada goose coats options for Canada Goose sale a canada goose black friday sale skin like it. Riot should really make this happen. Big wave as canada goose clearance sale ulty. Pasive is a surfboard. q is water like atlantic syndra her q. W is a little wave as well. E could be rocks with water over them. Waterbaloons if its more of a poolpartyskin. I think about this skin all the time when I play her. I really hope they see this and make it happen thx for the artwork 🙂 Canada Goose Outlet.