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cheap Canada Goose The researchers then analyzed the activated genes in the heads of infected ants that had their jaws locked onto plants and compared these to the heads of uninfected ants. This tissue included a mix of ant brain, head muscles and fatty tissue as well as the parasitic fungus. They found that at the time that ants are locked onto their leaves but are still kicking, only about half of the cells in their head were their own: the rest were cells of their fungal invader. During this phase of zombie ant behavior, the parasitic fungus activates a set of genes that appear to be unique to O. unilateralis. For example, genes that affect neurotransmitters similar to serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine were very active while the host ants display their odd zombie like behaviors. Serotonin depletion in ants is known to prevent them from foraging properly. In other animals, disruption of these neurotransmitters can also cause hallucinations and muscle spasms. Thus, the fungus may be altering their host ants’ behaviors in their favor through the manipulation of these neurotransmitter systems. Furthermore, two genes known to regulate circadian rhythms (daily activity patterns) are hyper activated in zombie ants, which likely causes them to leave the nest at an odd time. Like other related mind manipulating fungi, O. unilateralis secretes an enzyme that has been shown to increase activity in their insect hosts. This increased activity could be what causes the infected ants to leave their nests and crawl up a plant to their elevated places of death cheap Canada Goose.