The contracts in forexIn the forex market can be exchanged

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cheap nfl jerseys Actually you just have to pay for your own food and buying new stuff or gifts for your family and friends. Pictures are the most important and significant thing you have to do. Cheap flight London to Accra. In actions but it is not strange to see daily changes of 2% or even much higher.So why is the forex market is considered so risky?Simply because to make a profit worthy of note, when the% change is so low, we must operate with a certain size and position to do so you must use the leverage.The contracts in forexIn the forex market can be exchanged mainly three types of contracts that have a different value, 10 times larger than the previous contract. So negotiate 1 mini lot is equivalent to opening a position with Micro 10, while a standard lot is 10 and 100 Micro minilotWithout leverage being available in my trading account the value corresponding to the contract that I want to negotiate. So just to negotiate a standard lot I should have $ 100,000, which the majority of private traders obviously can not afford!Forex Access to the forex market is then made accessible to private traders due to the leverage offered by brokers usually 1:100 or 1:200 is but it can also be greater.The danger of leverageonce heard this in the minds of most people takes the phrase “Cool! With the lever can multiply my profits! “And then what do they do? Make it an excessive and disproportionate, known issue with the term ” over leveraged cheap nfl jerseys.