The monopolies forecast demand every five years

canada goose outlet It’s a cost plus arrangement. The monopolies forecast demand every five years, estimate how much they will need to spend to meet it, add a margin, and get a tick from the Australian Energy Regulator. If it doesn’t give them a tick, they can appeal to the Australian Competition Tribunal which has given them more on 31 out of 52 occasions and has never given them less.

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Canada Goose sale Wrong. This confuses micro economic policy (aimed at raising the medium term trend rate of growth) with macro economic policy (aimed at keeping the actual rate of growth as close as possible to the existing trend rate, thereby smoothing the business cycle). The point is that our main instrument of macro management, monetary policy (the manipulation of interest rates by the Reserve Bank), may not be enough to ensure we avoid a serious downturn. It may prove necessary to use fiscal policy as an emergency back up. Canada Goose sale

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