This article is going to examine what his relationship is with

If you are looking to find your mentor, it might take you a few minutes to consider a number of people, but for the teenage mutant ninja turtles the answer is easy, Master Splinter. He is their father figure, the man who will guide these mutants to be the best versions of themselves and even further. Splinter is a loved character much like any mentor, and is wise beyond his years. This article is going to examine what his relationship is with the mutant ninja turtles and what his abilities are that will allow Splinter to relish. Splinter is actually named after The Stick which is Marvel’s Dare Devils’ mentor, who as you can guess takes quite a bit from. Splinter is the teenage mutant ninja turtle’s father figure and who they look at for their guidance in times of issues and hard knocks. Master Splinter is not only a father figure but a true role model for the turtle’s, a man of much wisdom and skills, a true renaissance man.

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