To test the idea, they set up four independent apiaries, each

Environmental scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston began to wonder if this practice was responsible for CCD, as beekeepers often use high fructose corn syrup to supplement bees’ food sources during the winter, supporting the seasonal timing of CCD. To test the idea, they set up four independent apiaries, each consisting of a control hive and four different imidacloprid exposed hives, with imidacloprid being a popular neonicotinoid.9 The imidacloprid exposed bees were allowed to forage for pollen in the fields, but also had close access to a high fructose corn syrup feeder with varying levels of the insecticide. The researchers dosed the non control syrup for 13 weeks, and after 23 weeks, 15 of 16 the imidacloprid treated hives (94%) were dead. These collapsed combs were also “remarkably empty” except for stores of honey and pollen, characteristic of CCD.

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