What the point of your calcs my dude? Holy doesn prevent you

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18 points submitted 11 months agoLearning a job rotation doesn have to take Canada Goose Coats On Sale weeks/months canada goose factory outlet of work. I came back to canada goose outlet parka this game after over a year, forgot how to play the game entirely canada goose outlet canada (practically new player level of experience) and got canada goose outlet sale canada goose up to speed with my Canada Goose online canada goose outlet reviews uk canada goose DRK rotation/game mechanics in a buy canada goose jacket cheap few days. canada goose uk black friday If cheap Canada Goose canada goose Canada Goose Parka outlet said new player who uses said canada goose black friday sale MSQ skip potion is halfway intelligent, they do canada goose buy canada goose jacket outlet uk their research and learn their rotation and practice it as uk canada goose outlet needed so they don lag behind. canada goose outlet in usa canada goose clearance sale It really not a big deal.[deleted] 3 points submitted 1 year agoIt would goose outlet canada be hard because jobs have limited actions due to the Hotbar style of gameplay as opposed to Menu style as in XI. Menu style is much slower and more tactical and has no rotations, everything is free form. That why BLM in XI had like 90+ spells to canada goose black friday sale choose from and multiple jobs overlapped spells (DRK, RDM, BLM, SCH, GEO all learned basic elemental spells up to tier IV, but RDM and SCH got tier VI and BLM got tier VI. In XIV, BLM has a monopoly on Fire, Lightning, and Ice spells, while WHM has a monopoly on Wind, Earth, and Water spells. That said, it would be unfair to non BLM jobs if there a fight that favored fire damage. At the same time it takes away one of the fundamentals of RPGs and makes it more akin to a https://www.salecanadagooseoutlets.com/ top down Hack and Slash game with mild RPG elements, especially when gear options are stratified mostly vertically, with simplified “Main Damage Stats” that all gear has, as opposed to all the options and secondary stats that led to interesting builds and freedom to micromanage/min UK Canada Goose max gameplay XI allowed. 1 point submitted 1 year agoIf I recall correctly this was about you managing your own mp by using Blood Price later in the pull if your WHM is dpsing during pulls, not about you using AD. Using Holy at the beginning of the pull allows more mitigation in that you not taking damage > I have to heal you less > I get to dps more > things die faster > you take even less damage cause shits dead. I ain telling you “don use Abyssal Drain.” Use it as much as you want, lmao. In a lot of cases it actually more mp efficient to use Abyssal Drain rather than Unleash.What the point of your calcs my dude? Holy doesn prevent you from hitting Abyssal Drain. You should have enough mp left over from the previous pull to Drain for 8 seconds without going OoM. You get to dps n I get to dps all you gotta do is use Blood Price later in the pull. 3 points submitted 1 year agoHonestly, all of the fastest clear parties I been on were setup this way. 3 min clears with 3 DRK, a WHM, and assorted DPS. It was pretty clean and efficient.Some of my worst/slowest clears (if we cleared at all) were ones with more DPS canada goose factory sale slots. It like the more DPS there are, they lazier the group gets.With less DPS, everyone is busting their hide because it hard enough to get a party otherwise. Especially with a bonus because people get pissy.It also why I only official canada goose outlet do light farms during a bonus, because canada goose outlet store once canada goose jacket outlet the window ends, I stop farming. Otherwise, my rotations get sloppy, and I know it. 3 points submitted 1 year agoI canada goose outlet jackets dunno, because honestly, canada goose outlet black friday up until that point I hated canada goose outlet shop the canada goose uk outlet DRK story. I thought Canada Goose Outlet it was was trying to be overly edgy, and was more of a cringe fest.Then suddenly the level 50 quest did a nice fan canada goose outlet online uk service in my opinion. 50 60 wasn really disappointing so much canada Canada Goose Online goose outlet canada goose coats on sale new york city as it just canada goose outlet toronto factory seemed out of place with the rest of the HW MSQ.I cannot say that I miss Frey so much as I think they could canada goose clearance have gone a canada goose outlet store uk much better route overall. I canada goose outlet online think the 60 quest left it open for a much better story, but if we go back to the canadian goose jacket crappy “try hard to be edgy” quests again, I honestly skipping the dialogue and I am not one to skip dialogue ever. 5 points submitted 1 canada goose store canada goose outlet nyc year agoTrial Roulette has become not what Primal I gonna fight lately, but how “inexperienced” is the other tank going to be. I had geared 60 Tanks literally ask me what their skills did so many times lately it cringe worthy.I can hang with new canada goose Canada Goose Jackets outlet Canada Goose sale uk sale tanks, they grasp the skills, but just cheap canada goose uk need canada goose coats to learn mechanics. This PotD Leveled to 60, jumping into EX level trials, and asking “what this button do?” is just silly. It not just tanks either. I had a SCH that never did any of their job canada goose uk shop quests after they unlocked it, then proceeded to tell me it “just stupid lore, so there no point”. facedesk.