When this happens, food can get into the respiratory system

canada goose outlet https://www.cagoosestore.ca/ canada goose outlet canada goose outlet In patients who have had strokes, dysphagia is usually neurological in nature since damage has occurred to the area of the brain or nervous system that regulates swallowing and associated reflexes. These patients experience problems with swallowing because their bodies have actually ‘forgotten’ how to swallow. Stroke dysphagia occurs in approximately one out of every two patients, even though some researchers think that an amount up to 73% of stroke patients will experience difficulties in swallowing. Aside from the noticeable evolution of hydration and nutrition that stems from this kind of dysphagia, stroke patients who develop this illness will also learn that they are at a greater risk for developing similar complications. In oropharyngeal dysphagia, the larynx may not close correctly during the process of swallowing. When this happens, food can get into the respiratory system and the lungs. This is what occurs when we say that food ‘has gone down the wrong pipe’. The result can become an infection in the lungs, and it is common for dysphagic stroke patients to come down with aspiration pneumonia (pneumonia caused as a result of food that is aspirated or breathed in), a very dangerous disease that can be lethal. Accordingly, it is crucial that patients who have a stroke and related dysphagia are immediately diagnosed so that the necessary procedure can be applied in order to prohibit food from invading the lungs. Cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis constitute other factors that lead to neurological dysphagia.

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