You can see the soot, the black all along under the eve


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Edited 6:00 pm Monday 14 year old Chance Glover is being called a hero today by his older brother Richard. Chance awoke to his feet being licked by flames in the moncler outlet jackets early morning hours of Saturday, as he lay sleeping on the couch. His two friends Tanner and Trevor were also sleeping in the living room. Chance saw that he was surrounded in flames and immediately ran through the flames, through the Kitchen outside to where his older brother was sleeping in a travel trailer.

moncler outlet sale He suddenly realized his friends were still in moncler outlet sale the house and ran back in, again through the fully engulfed home. He woke up one of them and as soon as the young man stood up he Cheap Moncler Jackets passed out from the moncler outlet smoke. Chance dragged both friends out to the front balcony. moncler outlet sale

It has been a very sobering and emotional moment as Richard related a story about a previous encounter by their mother with a tea leaf reader. She spoke about a young man who wore a ball cap and boarded being looked after by angels, that cheap moncler something would show this to be true. This is an apt description of Chance and by all accounts, surviving this encounter and then returning to rescue his friends required help by angels.

Fire Chief Patterson echoed the survival event. The living room was boarded in moncler sale cedar. The smoke was thick, as can be evidenced by the photographs of the siding outside the home. It is all blackened where the smoke billowed out. Waking to the heat before succumbing to the smoke is very unusual.

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moncler sale outlet Halloween was a disaster for one Thornhill family. moncler jacket sale At just prior to 8 am a teenager cheap moncler coats woke to find flames erupting near the end of the couch. Waking the other two teenagers in the home they were all able to escape without injury. We were informed there was a fireplace near to where the flames erupted but there has been no official cause determined for the fire. Unfortunately the family has no fire insurance. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler sale According to Thornhill Fire Chief Wes Patterson, the Thornhill Fire Department responded to the fire, in the 3800 block of Paquette Avenue, at 07:56 on Saturday October 31st. On arrival flames were coming from the living room window. The 3 occupants cheap moncler jackets sale were taken to hospital and checked for smoke inhalation and released. cheap moncler sale

The fire was controlled in 20 minutes with 11 firefighters.

cheap moncler coats Terrace Fire Department assisted with an additional 4 firefighters. RCMP, BC Ambulance, BC Hydro, and PNG also attended. cheap moncler coats

Some of the front boarded up. This is the deck and steps where Chance brought out his friends.

Looking into the livingroom where Chance and his friends were sleeping. The springs of the burnt out couch can be seen just inside the wall.

moncler outlet online The back of the home. You can see the soot, the black all along under the eve. moncler outlet online

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moncler outlet Comment by donna courtoreille moncler outlet store on 15th November 2009 moncler outlet

I am writing from the NWT, I am Wayne Glovers aunt, I was so shocked to hear of what had happened to his house and family, I am so greatful god did not take my great nephew Chance and his friends, I would like to thank those who ar considerate in helping them and may moncler sale outlet I suggest something!? Terrace should hold a fundraising bingo to help, up here in the north, they have fundraising things like that. I and my commonlaw husband Wally will definitly jump to the rise when and if wayne moncler jackets outlet decides to rebuild his house.

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Comment by Jody Munroe on 9th November 2009

buy moncler jackets Hi there, so sorry to hear of your loss, I have some extra furniture that i need to get rid of and no better way then to help the needy. I am so happy no one was injured! Our hearts go out to you all. If we can do anything moncler outlet online call us Kay. From Caren Mattie and Sadie! buy moncler jackets

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moncler outlet store Comment by Brianna Gibson on 2nd November 2009 moncler outlet store

I live next door and I am also a family member. They were left with absolutely nothing. I know this town is in a recession, but if we can come together and help them out it would be greatly appreciated. If there is anything you can donate, i mean anything, can you please drop it off at 3847 paquette ave, or phone 638 0865 and we will come pick it up. Thank you.